FORT THUNDER STORAGE – Perham, Minnesota


Boat with outboard buried in snow w/red circle/cross out (image)

  • Boats, campers, PWC, ATV, RV, snowmobiles, fish houses, etc.
  • Protect your investment from the elements
  • Keep your toys secure in the off-season 
  • Conserve space in your garage or property
  • Excellent rates
  • In the heart of lake country

Your recreational toys represent a significant investment. Protect that investment by keeping them safe and secure from weather, vandalism and theft. Inside storage shields your investment from the sun, wind, snow, rain & hail while allowing you to conserve space in your garage or property. Safe, convenient worry-free storage.

Easy quick access to lakes!

Less than 2 minutes from the intersection of highways US10 & MN78.

Know that your toys will be safe in the off-season and handy to where you want to play when the weather breaks. Come spring, you’ll be glad you chose to trust

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