• When are you open?
    Ray’s Barn offers limited access and this allows us to offer very attractive rates. Our customers look to us for “off-season” storage of their toys and as such, don’t typically need access to the extent that more expensive conventional storage facilities permit. Please check our schedule page for dates and availability.
  • When can I retrieve my vehicle?
    Dates will be posted on this website predicated on the weather. See our schedule page for dates and availability.
  • Can I access my vehicle any time?
    If you wish to access your vehicle outside of our operating schedule as posted on the schedule page, an appointment is necessary and additional fees may apply.
  • Your rates seem very low. What time period do they cover?
    Our rates cover the off-season, typically October to April (see schedule page for details)
  • Are you open depending on the weather?
    On posted dates, we will be open rain or shine.
  • What do I need to do before I store my vehicle?
    • Empty fuel tanks (no portable tanks including propane)
    • Batteries must be disconnected
    • Personal items should be removed…we’re not responsible for loss or damage
  • Is my property insured?
    No, you are responsible for your own insurance. Many home and renters policies cover storage. Check with your insurer to determine your coverage.
  • What about mice and other pests?
    It is recommended that you use Fresh Cab, mothballs or dryer sheets as a repellent.

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