Dear Customers,

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks to drop off your items for winter storage.

Weather, school, other schedules determine your storage needs.  We will be open starting, Saturday September 15, 2018 (see full schedule below).  Please contact us should you have special needs.

We will try to accommodate your unit(s) drop off/ pickup, outside these hours, if necessary.  Sufficient notice will be required and extra fee will apply. 

Please see us about summer storage for your trailers, ice houses, snowmobiles, etc.  A flat rate of $75.00 will be charged per “unit”.  Pickup of these unit(s) will be during the fall schedule.  This again will depend on the weather.  We realize everyone wants to “Maximize” the use of their items.

Thank you for YOUR business!

Ray Ehly

2018 Drop-Off Schedule

Sat. Sept 15, 201810:00AMto3:00 PM
Sun, Sept 16, 201811:00AMto2:00PM
Sat. Sept 22, 201810:00AMto3:00PM
Sun. Sept 23, 201811:00AMto2:00PM
Sat. Sept 29, 201810:00AMto3:00PM
Sun. Sept 30, 201811:00AMto1:00PM
Sat. Oct 6, 201810:00AMto3:00PM
Sun. Oct 7, 201811:00AMto1:00PM
Sat. Oct 13, 201810:00AMto3:00PM
Sun. Oct 14, 201811:00AMto1:00PM
Sat, Oct. 20, 201810:00AMto3:00PM
Sun. Oct. 21, 201811:00AMto1:00PM
Sat. Oct 27, 201810:00AMto3:00PM

Arrangements can be made outside of these dates and hours.
(A $40.00 service charge will apply. )

Owner responsible for own vehicle insurance.


Sat. April 27, 20199:00AMto5 :00PM
Sun. April 28, 201911:00AMto3:00PM
Sat. May 4, 20199:00AMto4:00PM
Sun. May 5, 201911:00AMto3:00PM
Sat. May 11, 201912:00 PMto4:00PM
Sun. May 12, 201911:00AMto3:00PM


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